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What is pavement management?

Pavement management is the process of planning the maintenance and repair of a network of roadways or other paved facilities in order to optimize pavement conditions over the entire network. The process is best handled through a pavement management system such as PAVER® and StreetSaver®. These two systems are the most recognized for their large user base, cost effectiveness, ease of use and capitalizing on the ASTM D6433 inspection standard for assigning conditions. These systems conveniently host all inventory and condition data while offering a variety of system reporting and specialized tools. The standard tools used by any system to effectively execute the pavement management process are highlighted below. And yes, JG3 has expertise in both systems, all pavement management tools, the ASTM D6433 inspection process and resulting PCI conditions!


Define the pavement Network, Branches and Sections while assigning all user and system defined attributes.


Assign condition (PCI) to all sections through ASTM D6433 for roadways and parking lots, D5430 for airports


Analyze expected life cycle, past, current and future conditions through pavement performance modeling


Identify current maintenance needs, create various budget and target scenarios to develop plans

How Can JG3 Consulting Help?

Let us become an extension of your agency! At JG3 Consulting, our turn-key service is very straight forward, standardized and supported. We are experts in all facets of pavement management, including the industry leading pavement management systems PAVER ® and StreetSaver®. Simplified pavement management solutions for all!
100% of our business operations are pavement management specific!

President James Golden founded JG3 in 2011 after 14 years of extensive pavement management experience. Over the past 19 years, JG3 has worked hard to develop the relationships that we have with our clients, and personally believe that it is our customer service track record that separates us from other firms.

Our reputation is one of knowledgeable PAVER®, StreetSaver® and pavement management professionals providing a total turnkey pavement management solution to private, city, state, township and airport organizations throughout the U.S.

No matter what type of agency you are, location you are in or amount of pavement you have, JG3 can help optimize your conditions and produce cost effective and supported pavement management plans!

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